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This game is disgusting! It needs banning! Once upon a time, Night Trap was one of the most controversial games to get released. It's partly why games have ratings nowadays. It was rereleased for its 25 year anniversary on PS4 and PC, but here's a review of its original release on the Mega-CD with in depth analysis of its impact at the time and its legacy.
Written and published 17th April 2018
Welcome to the year G.C. 232. The Milky Way's natural resources have been depleted as a result of The Long Space War. A mission to find resources from planet UP457 hit an obstacle when half-machine, half-animals, codenamed BioMetal, decided to attack the fleet. Now the BioMetal are intent on taking over the Milky Way. Your mission is to stop them.
Published 18th March 2018, written 5th December 2017
If you think developers are short of ideas for video games nowadays, back in 1991 somebody thought it'd be a good idea to base one on a popular Australian soap opera.
Review published 19th July 2013
It's a puppet! Edd the Duck was a Children's BBC broom cupboard mascot around the start of the 1990s. He featured in this Rainbow Islands-esque platformer
Published 15th July 2018, written 2nd June 2012
Following on from the masterpiece that was Castle of Illusion, Fantasia was Mickey Mouse's second outing on the Mega Drive. Based on a film featuring beautiful animation and a wondrous soundtrack, surely Sega would have another hit on their hands with this. Wouldn't they?
Published 14th July 2018, written 7th April 2012
The Moon. It needs patrolling. And in Moon Patrol you can do just that. Turns out the Moon is a lot more colourful than it looks from Earth too.
Published 11th June 2018, written 22nd March 2012
Shooting space birds has never been as much fun as it was back in the early eighties on this arcade conversion for the Atari VCS
Published 10th June 2018, written 13th February 2012
Cool Spot was the red spot in the logo for the 7 Up drinks, and he featured in his own games in an shameless attempts to push sales of the fizzy pop. In America at least. In other parts of the world, he was a generic platform star. Here he is trying to encourage the rotting of teeth of youngsters on the Super Nintendo.
Published 9th June 2018, written 5th February 2012
Murphy is a fun guy who likes his fungi. Help him to get around the platform- based levels in this platform-based platform game for the Acorn Electron platform. Was also available for the BBC Micro.
Published 6th June 2018, written 10th October 2011
Solid, solid as a rock. But rocks are no match for Rockford as he bashes his way through them to locate diamonds and gems. His risky occupation is full of hazards, but people in the 1980s didn't do workplace risk assessments so it was ok.
Published 30th May 2018, written 17th July 2011
Toki's girlfriend has been kidnapped and Toki has been turned into a monkey. But all is not lost as Toki can return himself to human form by defeating his girlfriend's kidnapper. Yes, this description is as exciting as the game.
Published 12th May 2018, written 10th July 2011
Bike riding shenanigans released in the earliest days of Nintendo's console. Vroom vroom!!!
Published 9th April 2018, written 29th April 2011
Eight years after its cinema release, Arnie finally makes it onto the Mega Drive. This game will keep you occupied for all of fifteen minutes. Less if you decide to skip through the intro and cut-scenes.
Published 8th April 2018, written 16th April 2011
Early platforming action on Sega's very first home console, the SG-1000. Flicky needs to capture her Chirps and take them to safety. It'd be easy if it wasn't for the fact she bounces off walls.
Written and published 1st April 2018
Bitmap Kid stars in a ploddy platform which seemed to get suspiciously high ratings in the gaming press back in the day. Was it actually any good though? Find out here with our review of the game!
Published 25th March 2018, written 8th April 2011
A not-so-super supermarket simulator for the ZX Spectrum. Price up stock, stack shelves, locate missing children, mop up spillages and then have a good think about what you're doing with your life.
Published 23rd March 2018, written 13th March 2011
Yaaarr! Here's a pirate game for ye olde Sega Master System. Avast ye, that scallyway Captain Silver has a booty of treasure. It's a job for a landlubber like you to take it from him. So, yo ho ho, shiver me timbers. And all that jazz.
Published 18th March 2018, written 19th February 2011