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You have arrived at our list of game reviews, listed for your convenience under their respective hardware. Although a lot of the games were released for multiple formats, these are the ones that the game was played on for the purposes of these reviews.
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Moon Patrol (Irem, 1982)
Robocop (Data East, 1989)
Super Mario Land (Nintendo, 1989)
The Legendary Axe II (NEC, 1990)
Action Fighter (Sega, 1986)
Back to the Future: Part III (Image Works, 1991)
Captain Silver (Sega, 1988)
Great Sports Series (Sega, 1986/1987)
Psycho Fox (Sega, 1989)
Fantasia (Infogrames, 1991)
Olympic Gold (US Gold, 1992)
Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega, 1991)
The Terminator (Virgin Games, 1992)
Toki: Going Ape Spit (Sega, 1991)
Tomorrow Never Dies (Electronic Arts, 1999)
Circus Maximus: Chariot Wars (Kodiak, 2002)
Crazy Taxi (Sega, 2001/2010)
BioMetal (Activision, 1993)
Cool Spot (Virgin Games, 1993)
Super Adventure Island (Hudson Soft, 1992)
Super Trolley (Mastertronic, 1988)